Spending time on health and safety can be tough.

Time is money, spending hours and days while attempting to implement health and safety in the workplace can be frustrating and can feel counter-productive

We at CHEP Safety Consultants, Medfire Training Consultants and Medfire Spill Response can put that right by taking the burden off employers, management and employees by assisting with ensuring that your company is legally compliant according to the Occupational Health and Safety Act at all times.

We are dedicated to Education and the upholding of the health and safety of all our fellow beings, we are proud of the quality of service we offer. Our Training Instructors, Safety Management, Occupational Health Consultants and Engineers in various fields involved with CHEP, and Medfire Training Consultants and Medfire Spill Response, are all highly qualified in their individual sectors, and are accredited with the relative Organizations. Our powerful team enables us to assist both Industry and Community in their various needs.

We are proud of the fact that we are service providers of any service that is required according to the Health and Safety Laws. Please feel free to browse the various services offered under each organization.

We also have sister companies that we work hand in hand with for other requirements such as medical certificates of fitness, fire equipment servicing and supplies, operator training, environmental authorisations / licences / permits, etc.

CHEP Safety Consultants

CHEP (Community Health Enhancement Program) was stimulated into existence by the requirements of all our people. The need of Industry as well as Community was a major motivating factor. The Management of this Organization feels it to be of great importance to educate as well as assist all in the knowledge of the Health and Safe keeping of all individuals and properties.

Services offered:

Consulting in:

Health and Safety

S.H.E. System

OHS Act Compliance Implementation

Safety Files

Contractors Packs

Emergency evacuation plans and route plans

Construction site audits, safety files, safety plans, etc.

Star Grading

Legal compliance audits and risk assessments

Risk Analysis

Fire Risk Audit

Occupational Health Audits

Civil Engineering

Mechanical Engineering

Electronical & Technical Engineering

Hygiene and Housekeeping

Fire Hazard Inspections

Earth Leakage Testing

Medical Facilities (First Aid rooms)

Setting up of Occupational Health Services

Suppliers of:

Safety Equipment and gear

Wall mounted First Aid Box (complete Regulation 3)

Medical Supplies itemized

Fire Equipment itemized

Condom dispensers

First Aider Belt pouch & contents

First Aider key ring & contents

Full range of safety signs including purpose made

First Aid Regulation 3 refill kits

First Aid kit with carry bag

Vehicle Spill Kits complete (Truck)

Fire Equipment

PPE (Very competitive pricing)

Many, many more products

Medfire Training Consultants

After starting off a career in the fire and paramedical services in Johannesburg and Bedfordview. Hilton Farrow went into industry at PFG Building Glass assisting with the NOSHCAR program for 5 years (The highest rating on the NOSA program 1 above 5 stars) He was asked to assist various companies, specifically with Section 3 (NOSA – All first aid , fire and evacuation procedures) and legal compliance. This is when he decided to form Medfire Training Consultants c.c which later was changed to Medfire Training Consultants (Pty) Ltd due to customer needs. Thereafter assisting many companies with legal compliance audits, gradings, training needs and safety as a whole.

Medfire was started and registered in 1993 as a training organisation, we supply training and assist many companies with their individual needs.

While doing this we saw that there was a need in the market for safety consultancy and safety as a whole (Risk Assessments, Audits, Environmental surveys as well as services e.g. Fire Equipment servicing, first aid equipment, safety signage, safety equipment and many, many more) which motivated us to form CHEP Safety Consultants.

Training Courses Offered:

First Aid Level One

First Aid Level Two

Basic Fire Fighting

Advanced Fire Management

First Aid/Fire/Evacuation

Breathing Apparatus Training

Hazchem Handlers

Chemical Salvage

Flammable liquid handling

Refresher courses

Incident Accident Investigators

Health and Safety Reps

Management Induction

Safety Induction (OHSAct)

Stacking Inspector Training

HIRA (Hazard Identification Risk Assessment)

Emergency Team Leaders

Basic working at heights

Lock-out / tag-out

Permit to work

Forklift Training

Evacuation drill with Full Scenarios

Transportation of dangerous goods

Fire equipment inspector

Emergency preparedness / procedures

PVC BAG SPILL KIT (Oil only Spill Kit)

Registered with CHEMICAL SETA (CHIETA)
Department of Labour registration number CI 118

Medfire Spill Response

Due to incorrect controls and bad environmental policies, we have been stimulated into entering the hazardous spillage environment. Including all the necessary criteria, safe disposal certificate and traceability of all our work as well as being registered with the Department of Agriculture as a Waste Transporter. This has ultimately not been done in the market place, thus Medfire Spill Response was established.

Our services include the following:
Cleaning up of all / any spillages on behalf of clients needs

Petro Chemicals


Coal Spillages

All Hazardous Spillages

Suppliers of:









240ℓ WHEELIE BIN (Oil only Spill Kit)













Cleaning up of spillages at accident scenes (motor vehicle and truck).
Full range of spill-related and safety products for the cleaning up of spillages and control of hazardous chemicals and substances.
Training courses and legal compliance as prescribed by the Occupational Health and Safety Act at the most competitive prices.

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